Art workshops and exhibition held for families.

The ECA has held two family art workshops and is currently exhibiting the finished artwork as its contribution to both this year’s Big Draw, a month long festival organised by the Campaign for Drawing and the Family Learning Festival organised by the Campaign for Learning.

The workshops were held at Tuckswood Community Primary School and Nursery in Norfolk and pupils were invited to bring their families to the workshops to spend time together creating artwork.

This year’s theme asked participants to describe ‘2012 in lines’. Workshop participants were asked to draw on their memories and experiences of the summer festivities 2012 as inspiration for their creative Art Work, linking it in with the ECA’s Olympic Inspire Mark ‘Going Green for Gold’ Project which is being run in the same community.

70 people took part in the family workshops and the ECA were delighted by the enthusiasm of the participants and the fantastic array of artwork produced. The sessions received very positive feedback from participants including comments such as “It was lovely to come here after school and enjoy the art with my family, a very good idea”, “Maisie, Mummy and Nanny had a lovely time spending time together making great pictures”, “I love this, you should do this every day and I think everybody has had a really good time...Everybody has a smile on their faces”.

Over a 100 pictures created at the workshops were exhibited at the school on the 19th October and will go on exhibition at Tuckswood Library and local community and family resource centre The Base in the near future.

Di McNaught, Headteacher at the school, said “I am really pleased that the partnership with the ECA and School has resulted in bringing the community and the children together in a joint activity at the School”.

Family Art Workshop Family Art Workshop

Date Added: October 22nd 2012