ECA Chair, Bernard Godding and other Adult Education experts from across Europe have met in Bonn to launch a new vocational qualifications project.

The EU sponsored event in the former West-German capital took place in January and set the framework for a research programme which aims to harmonise training and qualifications for adult education professionals in all member states.

In the first phase the members of the Flexi-path partnership will review a sample of qualification-models at bachelors and masters levels. Their aim will be to identify the common elements and to seek an understanding of the job roles that such colleagues fulfil. The emphasis will be on the key knowledge, skills and competencies that are represented in this cohort.

The ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ project for the transfer of innovation, which also involves experts from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Romania, will continue to autumn 2010. Within this time the project aims to come up with a common framework for vocational qualifications (EQF) that could be adopted by all training agencies across the continent, thus enabling staff trained in one place to easily find employment at a similar level elsewhere in Europe – therefore meeting the ideal of increased labour mobility within the European Community.

The Educational Centres Association (ECA) will especially benefit from current developments by bodies such as Lifelong Learning UK and the QCA in preparing for the convergence of European qualifications to meet a deadline, which the UK government has agreed to, which expects to more broadly define equivalencies within a similar timeframe.

The consultative approach in the Flexi-path project closely resembles the way in which Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) has arrived at statements of competence for staff across the wide range of post-school learning organisations and establishments.

UK project lead Bernard Godding says, “The ECA has had a focus on this topic area since before LLUK was established as the sector skills council for this important area of work. We had high-level discussions about the accreditation framework for adult learning specialists before our government agreed the remit. We are delighted that we are now able to play a significant role with colleagues in framing future strategies for the whole of Europe”.

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Left to right:Judith Robinson, UK, Erika Herrenbrück, D, Tiina Jääger, ES Left to right - Bernard Godding, UK, Miriam Radtke, D

Date Added: January 29th 2009