The White Paper, 'The Learning Revolution', was launched on 23 March 2009 and sets out the Government's strategy for informal learning following on from it's consultation 'Informal Adult Learning - Shaping the Way Ahead'. 


Informal Adult Learning - Shaping the Way Ahead

Shaping the Way Ahead Front CoverThe Consultation focused on informal learning, structured and unstructured, which met the basic need for creativity and stimulation.

The ECA responded to the Consultation in two ways. 

1. A formal written submission which can be read by clicking here.

2. It organised a conference 'The Environment as an Informal Adult Learning Issue' in response to the lack of recognition of the importance of learning around environmental issues.  For more details click here.




The Learning Revolution White Paper

Learning Revolution Front CoverThis strategy reaffirms cross-government commitment to informal learning and sets out how the Government will act as an enabler, capacity builder and connector to maximise the potential benefits.  It is hoped that the Learning Revolution will open up opportunities and highlight the real benefits of learning for enjoyment, personal development and community development.

The White Paper has led to the creation of a National Advisory Forum on Informal Adult Learning, the Learning Revolution Festival, the development of the Lead Accountable Body (LAB) model, the Transformation Fund and the creation of the Informal Adult Learning Pledge (see feature box on right hand side). 

To download a copy of the White Paper click on the appropriate link below

Learning Revolution White Paper  Learning Revolution White Paper - Executive Summary



National Advisory Forum on Informal Adult Learning

Bernard Godding, ECA Chair & CEO is representing the Community Sector Coalition, of which the ECA is a founder member, on the National Advisory Forum for Informal Adult Learning and 2 of its subgroups.

The Forum was established by the Learning Revolution White Paper to advise and steer the strategy’s future development.

Bernard is joined by representatives of Government departments, national adult learning organisations and non-departmental public bodies to act as a sounding board for Ministers.

The Forum acts as a place in which to communicate issues and concerns as well as to identify new opportunities for connection, transformation and investment.

The ECA expects through its involvement in the Forum to maintain it’s position at the forefront of thinking about learning in communities which changes lives and builds cohesion. In particular it intends to maintain it’s clear focus on issues of sustainability which it played a key role in the Every Action Counts Consortium.

To stay up to date with the work of the Forum, please visit our news page regularly. 



Learning Revolution Festival 

Learning Revolution Festival logoThe Learning Revolution Festival took place throughout October 2009.  Hundreds of events took place and highlighted the variety of learning that takes place.  It gave learners the chance to enjoy something new or simply celebrate what they enjoy doing and organisations and providers the opportunity to involve new people and celebrate the activities they offer.

The ECA organised a family learning event 'Fun with Autumn Fruits' as part of both the Learning Revolution Festival and the Family Learning Festival.  For more details please click here.



The Transformation Fund

Transformation Fund Logo

Over 300 new projects received funding from the Transformation Fund.  The Fund was launched to deliver commitments that were made in The Learning Revolution White Paper.  The £20m was used to fund projects which supported informal adult learning - learning for pleasure, self development and community development.  It is hoped the projects will introduce a range of innovative adult learning initiatives for the benefit of a wide range of communities and individuals.  To see the successful projects, visit the Transformation Fund website by clicking here.



Lead Accountable Bodies

To find out more about the Lead Accountable Body (LAB) model which will allow local authorities to take on leadership for informal adult learning in their area please click here.



Learning Revolution Ning

If you want to keep up to date with The Learning Revolution and put your point of view forward, why not visit The Learning Revolution Ning.  the site is designed to gather views and to share the progress to develop a culture of learning for all adults.  You can also follow progress made on Twitter.



Revolutions Newsletter

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School of Everything

School of Everything LogoThe School of Everything is the online presence of The Learning Revolution for the community. 

This national informal adult learning resource helps people learn what they want, when they want on their own terms, building vital bridges into formal learning and personal development.

Does your organisation run or have links with informal adult learning courses, workshops, teachers or others involved with informal adult learning?  Add their details to the site and tap into a vast pool of enthusiastic new learners.

Do you have venues or spaces suitable for learners, teachers or groups to use?  Add them to the site and attract new learning activities to your community.

Do you have resources which teachers and learners could use to support informal adult learning?  Add them to the site and enrich people's learning lives.

Is there anything you would like to learn, or could teach?  Then join the revolution by going to

To download the School of Everything brochure please click here.


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